Move Attack power  FP cost Effect
Headlong Rush 51 30 ---
Double Rush  59 60 ---
Metamorphosis --- 120 Transform into Tricera
Super harden  --- 75 Greatly raises Defence
Jagged thunder  67 140 Normal sleep 30% (team)

Support effects (own AZ)
Defense    +70%
Speed    +70%

Element type: Water 

For more info on Proto click here


Proto is one of the cutest things to ever grace the OU Tier. However, while it's support can certainly not rival Hibigon, it's no where near shabby. With a 70% Defensive boost, most Vivosaurs will definitely be feeling softer blows, not to mention the fact that Proto's Super Harden can further fortify your AZ. It's saving grace at low LP is the ability to transform into Tricera, and completely change roles, going from defensive to offensive support. Tricera itself also packs a nice wallop, rounding out the little pinkish orange Vivosaur.


A great AZ member would be a bulky tank, not unlike the all-purpose T-Rex. It can resist many moves at the start of the battle with Proto's help, and when Proto needs to Transform, it has no trouble taking the Attack boosts and turning into an offensive monster.


A simple way to counter Proto would be an Air-Long-Range, a Ptera or the like. However, you have to make sure that you can get Proto down within a few hits, lest your opponent transform and start your process all over again. It is advised to use enflame or charge to take it down

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