Attack 52
Defense 18
Accuracy 35
Speed 25
Skill Name                                             Attack Power FP Cost Effect
Wild Claw 33 30
Crazed Peck 46 60
Manic Spin 76 90
 Spinning Rampage 98 200 Scare: 40% (Team)
 Parting Blow --- --- Powers up when KO is imminent.

For more info on Orno click here

Support effects (own AZ)
Attack                                           ---
Defence                                         ---
Accuracy                                 +99%
Speed                                          --- 

 Strategies  Edit

Team Orno with Vivosaurs with low Accuracy to take full advantage of its incredible support effect. It is best paired with Zino, as it can use a team skill with the other long-nailed Vivosaur.

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