Health sprite 620
Attack sprite 83
Defense sprite 36
Accuracy sptire 54
Evasion sptire 14

Skill name

Attack power FP cost Effect
Conquer Fang   123 120 ---
Conquer Combo   153 220 Enrage 50%

Conquer Special

  183 320 Enrage 80%
Law of the Jungle    ---   50 Recover using Ally HP
Aqua Cannon   145 270 Attack AZ and SZ Simultaneously
Auto Counter     ---   --- May Retaliate and return some damage
Support effect sprite (own) 
Attack sprite                                    +15%
Defense sprite ---
Accuracy sptire                                    +15%
Evasion sptire ---

Element type: Water

For more info on Mapo click here

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