Health sprite 560
Attack sprite 85
Defense sprite 43
Accuracy sptire 42
Evasion sptire 16


Attack power FP cost Effect
Giga Bite          112    80                 ---
Mighty Stomp          115   100        Rotate 50%
Sizzling Breath          135   180        Excite 100%
Law of the Jungle           ---    50  Recover using ally LP
Scorch Breath           164   280                --- 
Support effect sprite (own) 
Attack sprite     -20%
Defense sprite     -20%
Accuracy sptire     -20%
Evasion sptire     -20%

For more info on Giganto click here


Giganto is rather like a less powerful,but less hampering verison of t-rex. Edit

He can be used a a rotater since his defense is high.

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