Health sprite 460
Attack sprite 72
Defense sprite 35
Accuracy sptire 35
Evasion sptire 27
Skills Attack power FP cost Effect
Dunkle Thump 87 50 ---
Dunkle Combo  101 100 ---
Dunkle Down  73 180 Chance of instant KO
Super Harden --- 50 Greatly raise Defense 
Dull Blaster  101 120 Team skill 
Element Boost  --- --- Increases Elemental Damage
Support effects (Enemy AZ)
Attack sprite                      ---
Defense sprite                  -25%
Accuracy sptire                  -25%
Evasion sptire                      ---

Element type: Earth

For more info on Dunkle click here!


Use Dunkle Down every turn in SZ, With bulky vivosaurs

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